1. Introduction
  2. Theme Installation
  3. Theme Update
  4. Theme Options Panel
  5. Import Demo Content
  6. Theme Layout Settings
  7. Theme Color Settings
  8. Theme Menu & Front Page Settings
  9. Custom Logo Setup
  10. GT3 Page Builder Modules
  11. Page Templates
  12. Template Setup
  13. Striped Page Setup
  14. Coming Soon Page Setup
  15. Gallery Albums Page Setup
  16. Models Albums Page Setup
  17. Portfolio Masonry and Grid Setup
  18. Custom Sidebars Setup
  19. Contact Form 7 Installation
  20. Contact Form 7 Usage
  21. Contacts Page Setup
  22. Blog Posts Page
  23. Portfolio
  24. Translation Support
  25. Source Files

Goodwin Photography WordPress Theme

Thanks for purchasing this theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to submit your request to my support forum. Also you can find a lot of useful information right there. Thanks so much!

Theme Installation

There are several ways to install wp themes, we do prefer using FTP but you can choose other ways. Please read more about theme installation on the official website at http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes

If you choose to use ftp, please do the following:
Note, Goodwin theme contains built-in GT3 Page Builder. You don't need install the plugin. It will be activated automatically on the pages and posts sections after theme installation.

Theme Update

To upgrade your theme to the latest version, you need to download the latest theme ZIP file in your ThemeForest Dashboard. Here are step-by-step instructions what you need to do:

Theme Options Panel Overview

This theme comes with its own theme options panel. You can manage general theme settings panel. Let's review it:

Import Demo Content

To import the demo content, please go to Goodwin theme options panel => General section and at the very bottom there is "Import demo content" button, please click it. It may take several minutes to import the entire demo content.

Please note:

Theme Layout Settings

The theme has the options which allow you to change it.

Please note that if you want to have a custom layout for the certain page, you can do that using the custom layout option on the page.

Theme Color Settings

You can easily change the colors of the main elements like header background color, menu item color, content background, button color, preloader color, etc. Please review theColors section in your Theme Options Panel.

GT3 Page Builder Modules

This WordPress theme comes with the built-in GT3 Page Builder section, which allows you to create custom page layouts with ease.

You don't need to install GT3Page Builder plugin. Here is the brief overview of all available page builder modules.

Here is the full list of available modules:

Page Templates

The theme has custom templates for creating non-standard pages. We present a list of templates you can use for the theme.

Background Image/Video

Coming Soon


Fullscreen Slider

Gallery - Albums

Gallery - Albums Ajax

Gallery - Albums Masonry Rolls

Gallery - Grid

Gallery - Kenburns

Gallery - Masonry

Gallery - Ribbon

Models - Album

Portfolio - Grid Style

Portfolio - Masonry Style

Striped Page

The template displays a page with the sections. It spans the whole screen to create a striping effect as the user scrolls the pages.

Striped Page Horizontal

The template displays a page with the horizontal sections. It spans the whole screen to create a striping effect as the user scrolls the pages.

Vertically Stretched Page

Template Setup

Let's have a look how to select a custom template for the page.

1. Please go to Pages => click create a new Page or edit the required one=> on the right you can see "Page Attributes section".

2. Don't select the Parent for the page, just indicate the required Template.

3. When the template is selected, please click Publish button. The Page will display the required editor according your template.

Striped Page Setup

Here we will explain you how to setup your Striped Page :

Coming Soon Page Setup

Here are the detailed instructions how to setup Coming Soon Page :

Models Albums Setup

Portfolio Masonry and Grid Setup

Image post format

Video post format

Contact Form 7 Plugin Installation

There are several ways to install WordPress plugin, we do prefer using FTP but you can choose other ways. Please read more about plugin installation on the official website at http://codex.wordpress.org/Managing_Plugins
If you choose to use ftp, please do the following:

Contact Form 7 Plugin Usage

The first thing you have to do is to create a contact form . Please go to the Contact plugin section. You can see it in the main WordPress menu.

If you want to get the form titles appear inside the contact form fields follow the instructions:

Once the form is created, please follow these steps to add the contact form to the page

Contacts Page Setup

Blog Posts Page

Here we will explain you on how to setup your blog page using GT3 Page Builder module:

Portfolio Posts

Setup Using GT3 Builder

To create a standard portfolio page with columns layout on your site, please follow the steps below:

Translation Support

This theme comes with .po, .mo files, they are located in ...\goodwin\core\languages\ and ....\goodwin\wp-content\plugins\gt3-pagebuilder-custom\core\languages\ folders.

Please follow these steps to translate your theme text:

Please note that you can also use the special plugins like WPML to do the translation.

Source Files Included

The theme comes with 24 PSD files. Some PSD files can include different pages inside, and can have hidden layers. Please note that the images are not included in the package.